Pharmacy Technician Salary

The average pharmacy technician salary is $30,430 in the U.S. We are seeing a tremendous growth pattern in the career potential of pharmacy technicians.
It could not be a better time to enroll in pharmacy tech schools or online pharmacy technician programs.
Below we discuss the numbers and what factors come in to play roles in the dictation of your salary as a pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy Technician Salary Data


Pharmacy Tech Salary Data per
2012 Median Yearly Salary $30,430 per year
2013 Median Hourly Pay $14.63 per hour
The Top 10% Yearly Salary $42,400 per year
The Top 10% Hourly Pay $20.38 per hour
The Bottom 10% Yearly Salary $20,580 per year
The Bottom 10% Hourly Pay $9.89 per hour
Number of Jobs, 2012 355,300
Expected Job Growth Through 2022 20%
New Jobs Expected Through 2022 70,700

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Salary Factor 1 – Work Environment

Drug stores and pharmacies hire over 50 % of pharmacy techs in America. Approximately 18% are employed in hospitals, and about 12% work in either a grocery or a department store of some sort. The pay and duties to a certain extent can differ at each of these places.

Salary Factor 2 – Location

Like other fields, pharmacy techs are no different. Location matters. If you live in a small town in Alabama than expect to make less than a pharmacy tech in New York City. But expect competitive salaries across the nation. And they are growing!

Salary factor 3 – Get Certified

Making yourself more desirable as a hire is vital to your level of salary as a pharmacy technician. Get your pharmacy technician certification regardless of if your state mandates it. Enroll in all continuing education courses and ask your pharmacist what else you can do.

Pharmacy Technician Salary Job Outlook

Due to the 20% growth expected through 2022, pharmacy technician jobs are growing fast and schools are filling up. But the good news is so are new opportunities. They are growing too. The time is better than ever to become a pharmacy technician in your area!

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