Pharmacy Technician Schools In Delaware

Pharmacy tech schools in Delaware supply people with the training they need to land a job with a local medical organization in six to 12 months. Training programs in Delaware prepare students for their future as successful pharmacy technicians in this fast-growing healthcare field. If you are looking for a new career that has a lot of upside and want to help people, then you should highly consider enrolling in one of the pharmacy tech schools in your area today!

How to Decide on a Pharmacy Tech School in Delaware

Verifying a school’s official certification is essential when selecting a program. Becoming eligible to challenge for certification depends on your program being licensed according to federal and state regulations.

It is important to keep in mind that course offerings will vary at every school but, assuming they are licensed, your main concern is to find one that suits your style. Nearly all pharmacy technician schools in Delaware accept people who are able to pass a criminal history screening, are 17 years of age and who have finished high school.

Deciding upon the way to cover your training is an important part of the whole process, so you should look closely at the cost of attending the schools that appeal to you. It’s also likely that each program offers different financial aid packages. As you contact each school, be sure to ask about these kinds of opportunities and determine which are offered to you.

Name Address Campus setting Campus housing Student population
Dawn Career Institute Inc 3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite 105, Wilmington, Delaware 19805-1511 Suburb: Large No 749

Ins and Outs of Pharmacy Technician Training

To properly train their pupils for certification, pharmacy tech schools in Delaware go over multiple topics. Aspiring technicians are required to pass basic science, math and various other courses to ensure they have the required expertise for the job in front of them. Almost all schools organize on-the-job learning opportunities for their pupils too.

What it Takes to Get Your License in Delaware

Earning a pharmacy technician certification in Delaware isn’t necessary for you to start your employment at the moment. The latest prerequisites for licensure in the state are highlighted below.

• Be 17 years old or older
• Fill out application and send in to State Pharmacy Board
• Pass the PTCB or ExCPT examinations
• Work required hours of annual education

To verify the steps for certification in , the National Healthcare Association offers this source of information here.

Employment for Pharmacy Technicians in Delaware

Consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment outlook in Delaware for pharmacy technicians is growing fast. predicts a 28% surge in the quantity of new job opportunities in this field by 2020. The median pay is strong, paying $13.08-per-hour according to

2013 Salary Report

Location Pay Type Bottom 10% 25% Median 75% 90%
United States Hourly $9.92 $11.75 $14.25 $17.14 $20.78
Delaware Hourly $9.71 $10.80 $13.08 $17.31 $21.87
United States Yearly $20,600 $24,400 $29,600 $36,300 $43,200
Delaware Yearly $20,200 $22,500 $27,200 $36,000 $45,500


Projected Outlook

Location Number of Jobs 2012 Expected Jobs by 2022 Projected Change
United States 355,300 426,100 +20%
Delaware 1,160 1,480 +28%

Further Websites for Pharmacy Professionals in Delaware

  • American Association of Pharmacy Technicians
  • The Society for the Education of Pharmacy Technicians
  • American Pharmacists Association
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
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